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World Rugby Makes Strides

Posted on May 28, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

World Rugby has just approved an amendment to the game, allowing goggles to be used at all levels of the game. The amendment comes on the heels of a trial that launched in 2014, after the World Rugby Council identified a need for a product that “enables players with limited or no sight in one eye to participate in the sport.” On the decision, World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont said, “This is a strong demonstration of World Rugby’s commitment to game innovation and player welfare, but also our mission to making rugby a more accessible and inclusive sport at all levels.” This might seem like a trivial adjustment to you, but for some, the decision carries some significant weight. Following a freak accident, Rugby player Ian McKinley lost eye sight, leaving him blind in one eye.

Fans, what kind of allowances do you want to see in the FCFL for players that may have a medical issue affecting their performance? We imagine that for someone with visual impairments, you’d allow them to wear goggles. For someone that has a muscle strain, you’d expect them to wear athletic tape or compression sleeves, so why would the situation be any different for someone else? Let’s get these guys on the field and playing!

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