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Premier Lacrosse League Teams Leave Us Wanting More

This summer, the Premier Lacrosse League is launching, finally giving some more face time to the niche sport. Similar to the FCFL, the six teams in the league will not have hometown teams. We’re still waiting for a thank you card for that idea, but that’s beside the point. The league recently unveiled their team names and jersey designs for the upcoming season.

We’re not trying to throw shade here, but we think our fans are destined to come up with better names than Archers, Atlas, Chaos, Chrome, Redwoods, and Whipsnakes. Yes, we said ‘Whipsnakes.’ And sure, while the league did provide some colorful team descriptions for the names (again, we’re waiting for our thank you notes), we were hoping for something with a little more ‘oomph.’ Now do you see why we think our fans will come up with something better? So what are you waiting for fans, get your team names submitted here before submissions close!

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