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More Shake Ups For The Browns

By Annalece Montgomery

This has been an interesting season for the Cleveland Browns, to say the least. After going 0-16 last season, rookie QB Baker Mayfield brought home the W (and free beer) for the people of Cleveland with a 21-17 win over the New York Jets. Not only that, all of their regular season games have been fairly close, with the exception of their match up against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Browns currently hold a 2-5-1 record, with four of those games heading into OT.

With a vast improvement in both performance and record from last season, it led to more than a few people being surprised about yesterday’s firings of head coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley. The Browns have named defensive coordinator Gregg Williams interim head coach. Some people were shocked by the news, but of course, our fans weren’t. We ran a poll about Jackson’s firing on our @TheFANToken and @FCFLio Twitter accounts, and the results speak for themselves.

The internet has had a bit of a field day with the news, producing some top notch memes and one troll in particular creating a job posting (which has since been deleted, but we’ve got you covered with screenshots below) for the position on Indeed.com. Now, if these were our fans, we imagine they would handle the firing of their team’s coach a little differently. While we do think there would be some razzing of the coach in question, we also think they would be a step ahead of the game and have potential candidates in mind prior to the actual firing. We also think that after turning their team’s performance around, they may give the coach a bit longer of a grace period before giving them the axe. What do you think fans? Are we spot on with our guess?

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