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Major Fail At Kentucky Derby

Posted on May 6, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

This past Saturday was the 145th Kentucky Derby – which means bright fashion, big hats, and ice cold mint juleps could be found everywhere. For the first time ever, the first horse to cross the finish line was not the winner. Seriously. This year’s favorite, Maximum Security, was disqualified, making long shot Country House the winner. We know what you’re wondering – “what could he have possibly done?” Well, horse racing’s version of referees, stewards, ruled that when Maximum Security jumped a puddle, it impeded the progress of War of Will, almost knocking the rider off the horse. And yes, that’s a major no-no in racing. The folks over at the New York Times even put together a helpful graphic to clear up any confusion:

The only good thing to come out this whole disqualification mess? The response from the New Orleans Saints and Vegas Golden Knights. The Saints tweeted out a simple emoji, but the Golden Knights elaborated a bit more for Maximum Security. Sometimes you’re just subject to a rough call, and both of these teams know that better than anyone.

So, after crossing the finish line and thinking that he had won, Luis Saez was undoubtedly upset to hear that Maximum Security had received the DQ. Can you imagine the crushing feeling he must have experienced? We imagine it’s something similar to what one of our players may experience if they run in a game-winning touchdown, unaware that a flag has been thrown early in the play. But when something like that happens, we expect to see our players roll with the punches instead of throwing a fit. We expect them to review film with their team, identify what their issues were out on the field, and move forward.

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