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Establishing the Run

Posted on May 31, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

We didn’t think this was going to be an issue on Twitter until we got closer to pre-season, but here we are! Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie “visibly rolls his eyes” when asked by The Athletic about announcers expressing the need for a team to establish the run. This led to plenty of people on Twitter agreeing with Lurie, that “it’s just not a truthful way of reporting based on all the information we now have.” Enter Geoff Schwartz, a former NFL offensive lineman that now has a presence in sports talk radio. He pointed out that there is a distinct difference between running the ball just to run it, and running the ball to deliver some body blows on defenders, ultimately slowing them down during passing plays.

All hell broke loose, and now there is a debate on whether or not body blows work on NFL teams. Aaron Nagler of Cheesehead TV chimed in, calling out another user that they are ignoring actual human beings are the ones producing the data being debated. We’re not here to take sides or definitely say body blows work. We’re more interested in whether or not the concept of running the ball in an effort to tire out defenders would influence the fans’ play calling decisions. As if you needed any more reminders, the fans are the ones calling the plays on game day. You’ll be tuned in to the app, presented with play options prior to each down. So, will you plan to go heavy on the run game early on? Or will you play it by ear, without a hard-defined strategy, and go with your gut instinct on each down? Maybe you’ll just close your eyes and pick one, JUST to see if you called the right play. We hope it’s not option #3, but either way, let us know!

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