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This Isn’t Madbum’s First Rodeo

Posted on February 24, 2020

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Every so often, we hear about outstanding athletes having a background in other sports, like how TE Jimmy Graham also played basketball and Jamaal Charles was an elite sprinter before becoming a top RB. But pitcher Madison Bumgarner is taking that to a whole new level with his recently-revealed successful rodeo career. Really. The Athletic recently reported that he’s been competing under the name Mason Saunders, and successfully at that. We don’t know how the world didn’t find out sooner, but it sounds like his new team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, had no idea about his lucrative hobby either. Per Bob Nightengale, GM Mike Hazen was “unaware of Madison Bumgarner participating in rodeo events in his spare time during his days with the San Francisco Giants when signing him.”

We’ve previously asked the fans if they wanted their players to have backgrounds in other sports, in hopes that skills they acquire would benefit them on the field, and the answer was a resounding ‘yes!’ But Bumgarner’s extracurricular activities have us wondering, is there anything the fans don’t want their players doing in their free time? We think the fans wouldn’t care if their players were running on the track, joining in on a game of basketball, or hitting the batting cages. But when it comes to jumping out of planes, going bungee jumping, swimming with sharks, or even a budding rodeo career – we’re going to go ahead and assume the fans will go with a hard ‘no’ on that.

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