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New Logo, Who Dis?

Posted on March 9, 2020

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Well fans, it looks like the Los Angeles Rams have just leaked their new logo, and well… it’s underwhelming to say the least. And before you say “oh there’s no way that’s real,” let me just stop you right there, because this has been confirmed by Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson. The logo first began making it’s rounds on Twitter Saturday morning in the form of the NFL Draft and OTA cap. Since then, mockups of the logo on its own have hit Imgur, Reddit and the rest of the internet. Aside from this logo looking like it’s actually meant for the LA Chargers, let’s think about all the other things it resembles: the LA Fitness logo, a golden retriever’s tail, the XFL Wildcats logo in a different color way, something you could find on obnoxious t-shirts from gift stores in LA, and possibly the early stages of rebranding for LAX.

Do we think the fans like this? LOL – no, no we do not. Do we think it makes the fans angry to know someone was paid a boatload of money to design a new logo, and have THIS be the final product? Yes. And most importantly, do we think our fans will do a better job when it comes to designing their team’s logos? Without a doubt! Our fans may come up with logos that range from clean and classic to wild and crazy, but we are positive that none of them will be as bad as this. Now just for kicks, here are some of our favorite fan reactions from Twitter and Reddit – listed in no particular order:

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