Get Inside The Game

You Can’t Believe Everything You Read On the Internet

It’s April 1st, which can only mean one thing: if you are even the slightest bit gullible. you should absolutely, 100%, avoid the internet today. Even more so if you are a person who lives for sports. Your usual stomping grounds like Instagram and Twitter are no longer safe.

Athletes and teams all over the country will likely be trying to up their game from previous years – especially the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Coyotes, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Anthony Davis. They’ve already proven that they are dirty liars and cannot be trusted on April Fools’ Day.

You know who you can trust though? The Chicago Bears. Just this morning they unveiled plans for their new historic jersey, just in time for a historic year. For this year, and this year only, the Bears will be supporting the NFL’s 100th season by adding a ‘1’ to the front of every player’s jersey. Stars like Khalil Mack and Mike Davis are getting pretty hyped up for their new jerseys!

And on that note, we’d like to announce that the FCFL has actually signed NFL Free Agent and FCFL Team Owner | Fan Captain Marshawn Lynch, to Richard Sherman’s team. Rumor has it, he will be wearing #224, because we’re twice as good as the Chicago Bears and the NFL’s 100th season.