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What Kind of Fan Are You?

The first season of the FCFL will be kicking off this summer with eight teams, all playing in one awesome location (in the place we haven’t yet announced but you all have probably already figured it out 😏) – so instead of rooting for their hometown team our fans will be picking the squad whose style they dig the most.

And since we haven’t taken the field yet, we figured it would help if we gave our fans a way to showcase their fandom and get paired up with the team they should be rooting for. It’s like Tinder for being a football fan.

You’ll get 15 quick picks to show us your favorites, then we’ll tell you the squad we think you should be rooting for.

Of course, being a fan comes from the heart – so, if you don’t agree with our recommendation, you can choose to make the call to join another one of our teams instead.

Once you’re locked in to your squad you’ll get a chance to be amongst the first fans to nominate potential names for your team. In the coming weeks the fans of each fanchise will vote to decide their team’s name, logos and jerseys. And once we get closer to kick-off you’ll be drafting the players and calling the plays!

Less than two minutes from now, you are going to know your new favorite football team – it’s time to get in the game: Pick Your Team!

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