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USWNT Have Good Reason To Celebrate

Posted on June 13, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Earlier in the week, we took care of the fans and set them up with all the pertinent information on the FIFA Women’s World Cup, including the schedule and how they can watch at home, ahead of the U.S. Women had their first group play match. Spoiler alert: they absolutely CRUSHED it! They defeated Thailand with an astounding final score of 13-0, setting a new FIFA record in the process. The only problem is people are upset with the team for 1) continuing to score so many goals after clearly having the match under control, and 2) excessively celebrating after every goal.

We decided to ask the fans on Twitter what they thought, and as we expected, the majority of you DON’T think they celebrating excessively, and we have to agree. There are plenty of soccer games where there are no goals at all, so to be able to get 13 is a big deal. Add in the fact that this is a new FIFA record AND goals matter down the line in this once-every-four-years tournament, and we think their celebration was warranted. We think all our fans, including those who didn’t get to vote on Twitter, would have to agree. Some of our favorite moments in football (the American version, not soccer) are all the touchdown celebrations, so why wouldn’t we want to see top-tier athletes celebrate in other sports?

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