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Things Got Awkward For Josh Rosen

Posted on April 26, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Last night during the NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals selected Oklahoma Sooners QB Kyler Murray with the first overall pick. A LOT of people thought this would happen, but we can think of one person that was hoping it wouldn’t: Josh Rosen. You know Rosen, the Arizona Cardinals’ current starting quarterback. But soon enough, we’ll probably know him as the former Cardinals’ QB. As of this morning, Rosen had decided to unfollow the Cardinals on his social media accounts, which is always a tell-tale sign that something is about to go on. Like a trade to the Miami Dolphins, for example.

Arizona’s new head coach, Kliff Kingsbury, had nothing but nice things to say about Rosen. He spoke earlier this week to reporters saying, “Yeah, I think Josh has done everything humanly possible to show what type of quarterback he is, what type of competitor he is. I’ve said it all along, I couldn’t be more impressed with his approach. He’s a great player. I mean, he was a top-10 pick for a reason. You see it out there how cerebral he is, how quickly he’s picked up our system.” With a statement like that, it had quite a few people questioning whether or not they would the Cardinals would move forward with picking Murray. Unfortunately for Rosen, it seems like these were just the nice things you say to someone before having them pack their bags.

We know we can be a little on the critical side, but deep down, we have hearts. We think our fans probably do too. So when it comes to letting a player go in favor for someone else, we imagine they would take a similar approach as Kingsbury. We think they will give that player some kind words of encouragement before dropping the hammer on them. We could be completely wrong, and you guys could be insanely savage, but either way, we look forward to seeing how you handle moments like this when you’re running the team!

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