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The MLB and Juicing – Name A More Iconic Duo, We’ll Wait

Posted on July 9, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Okay, we aren’t referring to the more ‘traditional’ kind of juicing that was a major focus of The Lonely Island’s The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience. We’re talking about juicing baseballs themselves. For all the baseball fans out there, you may have noticed that there have been A LOT more home runs this season – and you’re not alone. Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander thinks that without a doubt, the MLB is engineering this surge in home runs by juicing the baseballs. He went off this morning, saying that “Major League Baseball’s turning this game into a joke. They own Rawlings, and you’ve got Manfred up here saying it might be the way they center the pill. They own the f—ing company. If any other $40 billion company bought out a $400 million company and the product changed dramatically, it’s not a guess as to what happened. We all know what happened. Manfred the first time he came in, what’d he say? He said we want more offense. All of a sudden he comes in, the balls are juiced? It’s not coincidence. We’re not idiots.” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has already disputed Verlander’s comments, telling reporters that they have “done nothing, given no direction for an alteration in the baseball.”

We’re not here to pick sides, but we will say Verlander’s is pretty compelling. What we do want to know is how the fans feel about altering a game ball in an effort to produce a more exciting game. We’re not talking about adjusting the ball to help one team over another, just to get some more points on the board in general and maybe make the score a little bit closer throughout the game. This is NOT something we’re currently experimenting with our Official Ball from Wilson, as we’re a little more focused in making sure that fans have even more metrics on their players than ever before. Sound off fans and let us know what you think!

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