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That’s One Way To Court A Player

Posted on June 24, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

When LeBron James decided it was time to leave Cleveland, billboards popped up around different cities trying to show him a little love. Last year, Lakers fans made it clear they wanted to see Paul George in purple and gold. While nothing is official, no matter how much people speculate, it looks like LA is pulling out all the stops for Kawhi Leonard in an effort to convince him to take his contract option and become an unrestricted free agent this summer. Billboards from some Clippers fans (with money to burn, apparently) popped up over the weekend on the 5 freeway, not too far from Staples Center, encouraging him to ditch his ‘King of the North’ title for ‘King of SoCal.’

We take it that ‘shouting it from the rooftops’ is no longer a thing, and if you want to show you’re interested in a player, it needs to be done with billboards. We have to admit though, it might make sense to put some of those up IN Toronto, where Kawhi is more likely to see them. Now, we aren’t expecting our fans to do anything THIS drastic when it comes to luring in players to the league, but we do think they might organize a strong social campaign. Whether it’s just getting a hashtag trending or even throwing $20 at some paid advertising on Instagram, we can see our fans taking a more digital approach. After all, everything from our league votes to coach interviews to watching the games will be done digitally!

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