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Take A Seat, Tebow

Posted on September 13, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Now the California has passed the Fair Pay to Play Act, it makes sense that ESPN would want to check in with a well known former college athlete to get their take on it. Enter Tim Tebow – you may remember him best from his days with the Florida Gators (and the tears he shed after the 2009 SEC Championship Game), the way he would pray on-field during NFL games, his baseball career, or his broadcast gig on SEC Nation. Joining ESPN’s First Take, Tebow was quick to say the bill would ‘change what’s special about college football’ and that if players wanted to get paid, they could go to the NFL. He went on to say, “That’s why people are more passionate about college sports than they are about the NFL, because it’s about your team, it’s about your university, it’s about where my family wanted to go, it’s about where my grandfather had a dream of seeing Florida win an SEC championship and you’re taking that away so young kids can earn a dollar.” The issue with Tebow’s take on the bill is that he does not acknowledge there are student athletes out there that need to earn a living while paving the way for their future. The responses are still rolling in, but it looks like plenty of people are not siding with Tebow on this.

Where do we think the fans stand on this? Well, we don’t think fans expect to see college athletes pulling up to practice in a Rolls Royce or traveling with Louis Vuitton luggage, but we do think they want athletes to have the option to get paid. We think the fans know that some athletes have families to support, and that having even a part-time job while playing a sport and keeping grades up is next to impossible to accomplish. In short, we think the fans can get behind the Fair Pay to Play Act, and more importantly, that Tim Tebow should never wear that print during an on-camera interview again.

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