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Saints Finally Get Their One Minute of Fame

Posted on September 20, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

No, not THOSE Saints. The St. Paul Saints, a baseball team in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball won their first championship in 15 years after Chesny Young hit a grand slam against the Sioux City Explorers this past weekend – a cause for an over-the-top celebration. Sean Aronson, the team’s VP and Director of Media Relations, was quick to make an announcement on social media that the team would be holding a parade in honor of their big win, complete with a map of the route.

The parade, set to begin at 11:30 am, was also expected to end ‘around 11:31 am.’ Due to the large turnout, the festivities actually ran way over on time – to a total of 3 minutes. For those unable to make it to the event, local news station, KSTP, kept their coverage to an ‘efficient 49 seconds.’ Really, anything over that would have just been wasteful.

This entire story is equal part wholesome, hilarious, and impressive. We love to see a community rally around the underdog, giving a hard-working team the same amount of attention that the people of New Orleans would show those other Saints. Will the fans show the same kind of love for the team that is crowned champions in the inaugural season of the FCFL? Not only do we think they will, be we expect them to! This is a team the fans are building from the ground up!

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