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Red Sox Ban Fortnite

Posted on May 2, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Looks like Fortnite strikes again. After the Boston Red Sox started off with a 14-17 record this season, the insanely popular video game is no longer allowed in the Red Sox clubhouse. Who would have thought that trying to complete your daily and weekly challenges would consume so much of your time? Oh wait, just about anyone, including the players themselves. Starting pitcher Nate Eovaldi has even said the game probably won’t be back until the team gets there act together: “Maybe if we were doing a little better maybe we would be doing it, but you can’t be losing and playing Fortnite in the clubhouse. I think everybody, in general, understands that rule. When I came over here last year I was surprised because when I was with the Rays you didn’t do that. When I came over here we’re in first-place, everybody is having a good time and getting the job done. Now we have other things we have to focus on and tend to.”

They aren’t the first team to make this decision – the Toronto Blue Jays and Vancouver Canucks have put bans on the game while others like the Texas Rangers and Green Bay Packers have had to talk to their athletes about playing time limits. We also get the feeling they won’t be the last – we just hope it doesn’t interfere with some of our favorite athletes streaming on Twitch.

We’re sure Fortnite won’t be at the forefront forever, but there’s always going to be some game captivating everyone’s attention. So, should the FCFL follow the lead from some of these teams and limit screen time for our players during the season? Maybe. But ultimately, we need input from you, the fans. You all have a team you’re actively involved in, so why not make this one of the items you discuss with your Virtual Front Office. Don’t want to be in charge of making that call? That’s fine too, we just want to hear from you!

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