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Le’Veon Bell Finally Apologizes

Posted on July 29, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Le’Veon Bell knows how much of a toll the Pittsburgh Steelers hold-out took on fantasy football fans everywhere – and he’s sorry about it. In an Instagram post, he told fans that he was sorry he couldn’t pull through for them last year, but promised a championship this year. And it seems like his new team, the New York Jets, think Bell is going to deliver on his promise, urging fans to “draft this man.”

Some of us are still upset over the holdout last year (what a waste of an early pick in my fantasy league), but for the most, it looks like fans are excited to see what next season will hold for Bell. Considering he averaged as the No. 3 pick in fantasy last year, we’re curious to see where he lands this year as we are all prepping for NFL regular season with our fantasy leagues. So how does this effect fantasy drafting moving forward? We imagine that fans will be a little more reluctant to draft someone that hasn’t agreed to terms with their team. Some may even push to make sure their draft happens in the 11th hour to allow for the most accurate prediction for who will be playing where. We’re just glad we can avoid this issue in the Fan Controlled Football League. How, you might ask? Fans will know who is playing where at the conclusion of the draft each year. Sure, there will be a group of ‘reserve’ players that are part of the league but not drafted to a team, but it isn’t going to be an overwhelmingly night number like the NFL.

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