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Lay’s Gives Fans the Power of Life and Death

Posted on August 16, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

In honor of National Potato Day on August 19, Lay’s is letting fans determine the fate of a lone potato, named Spud. If you want to see his life spared, tweet #SaveSpud on Monday. If you love potato chips as much as we do and want to see Spud live out “every potato’s dream,” tweet #SizzleSpud. You’re probably thinking that this is either a) over the top, b) fan engagement at its finest, or c) a little bit of both. But the best part of all of this? Lay’s will be randomly awarding potato-themed prizes to those who engage in the social media campaign.

Now, we’re not going to make fans pick whether or not one of the team mascots lives (maybe we will, who knows), but we do want to get the fans engaged outside of voting on team names, uniforms, chants, etc. Maybe letting the fans pick something along the lines of what song your team will get to run onto the field to? Or what about who you want to represent your team as a captain during the coin flip? We think the fans want to engage even more than anticipated, so let us know what kind of shots you want to call! In the meantime, we’ll be debating whether or not we plan to save Spud before Monday rolls around.

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