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Kicking And Screaming

Posted on September 23, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

We all have those days where we lose our temper, sometimes to an embarrassing degree. Yesterday was one of those days for Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor. Let us set the scene for you: there are 21 seconds left in the game, the Bengals are trailing the Buffalo Bills by 4 points, and Andy Dalton is picked off by Tre’Davious White. White went to the ground untouched, and pretty clearly gave himself up when he made no effort to advance the ball. Then he got up to run to the endzone to celebrate – and not until after the officials whistled the play dead. But let us tell you, Taylor had clearly forgotten about that little “giving up” rule, because he clearly thought a safety was in order and absolutely LOST IT on the sideline. We’re talking a “rewind, slow it down, and re-watch it in all its glory” level of losing it. You’d think this was the first time Taylor had ever coached from the sidelines after that performance. Even if the ball hadn’t been blown dead, a safety wouldn’t have done much for the Bengals. Sure, the score would have been closer, but with 21 seconds left in the game and Dalton performing the way he has been, it would have been tough for the Bengals to pull off a win.

We can’t fully blame Taylor though. It’s no secret that the officiating hasn’t been the greatest this year (or any year), and we’d be frustrated too if we were about to become 0-3 after losing to the Buffalo Bills, of all teams. But are our fans as understanding? We think so. After all, they did pick the Bills to win this week. But we do think they will have learned from this truly amazing clip and expect their FCFL team coordinators to know the league rules as well as they do.

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