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“Kawhi Is Better Than Kobe Was”

Posted on May 7, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Before you get all up in arms, we are NOT saying that Kawhi Leonard is better than Kobe Bryant! That’s why we threw those quotes in the title. But, Max Kellerman absolutely did. During an interview on ESPN’s First Take, while discussing Norman Powell’s comments on Kawhi being Kobe, Kellerman told Jay Williams and Stephen A. Smith very matter of factly that Kawhi is better than Kobe was. While watching, you can literally FEEL Stephen’s heavy eye-roll through your screens. He was left looking absolutely disgusted while Jay Williams stood up and walked off set. Shots have officially been fired. And Kobe fans are NOT happy about it.

We’re curious what kind of statement could get a similar reaction out of you, fans. We imagine if someone said Eli Manning was better than Tom Brady, you might throw a bit of a fit (even if you aren’t a Brady fan). Maybe you would have a visceral reaction if someone compared one of your favorite players of all time to someone… inferior. There’s one thing we are sure of – if our fans were up in arms over a comment like this, they would absolutely shred the person who said it on the internet. We can’t say we’d blame them. Do what you gotta do, fans!

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