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From ‘Worst’ to ‘Best’

Posted on October 7, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

While we’ve been giving Miami a hard time for being the next Cleveland Browns as they continue on their way towards a winless season, it looks like we should have been looking closer to home. The Cincinnati Bengals, ‘led’ by Andy Dalton (we use that term VERY loosely), were handed their fifth loss of the season by the Arizona Cardinals. Sure, he showed up for the second half of the game, but where has THAT Andy been all season? Honestly, we figured if the Bengals were going to beat ANY team, it would be Arizona. But alas, rookie QB Kyler Murray was able to lead his team downfield and into field goal range as time expired, resulting in a 26-23 win for the Cardinals. We won’t get in to how much we hate field goals being the deciding factor in a game, but we think you get the gist.

So what now for the Bengals? There are rumors that they are adopting the ‘from worst to best’ strategy, have come to terms with the fact that this season is over, and that they are banking on a rebuilding strategy. We’ve seen the same thing with the Dolphins, who have been getting rid of their best players in an effort to get as many future draft picks as possible. The Bengals certainly have some real talent on their roster they could ‘sell off’ for extra draft picks for years to come – we’re looking at you, AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, and John Ross III. Those potential additional draft picks, coupled with a good draft position from a winless season, could help Cincinnati rebuild into a spectacular team.

While a draft order has not been determined for the second season of the Fan Controlled Football League, let’s assume the model will be similar to the NFL with the order being based on each team’s win-loss record in the previous season. That being said, if your team is a few games in to the season and clearly isn’t going to get their act together, would you purposely tank the rest of the season in an effort to get a better draft position for the next year? We think a few radical fans might call for that approach, but for the most part, we think fans will do their best to salvage their season. We think the fans will try to bring in players from the reserves, get rid of their existing offensive and/or defensive coordinators, or a combination of the two.

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