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Posted on May 14, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Yesterday, FCFL Co-Founder and CEO Sohrob Farudi joined Brandon McNulty (Legends) at the Technology Innovation Forum’s ‘Future of Sports’ panel. Sohrob was able to share what makes the FCFL so special and answer some questions from the crowd.

1. Where did you and your fellow Co-Founders got the idea for the FCFL? And how will fans be able to engage in your league any differently than they do with the NFL, IFL or AFL?

Watch Future of Sports – Part One from FCFL on www.twitch.tv

2. A couple months ago the Alliance of American Football, or the AAF folded in a very public way, drawing in criticism for all other football leagues trying to get off the ground. What are you doing differently to make sure you don’t end up the same way?

Watch Future of Sports – Part Two from FCFL on www.twitch.tv

3. How does having your primary distribution on Twitch change your business as compared to other more traditional sports that primarily air on linear networks?

Watch Future of Sports – Part Three from FCFL on www.twitch.tv

4. You’ve signed some big names as Team Owners | Fan Captains like Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman and Prince Royce. What will their responsibilities look like?

Watch Future of Sports – Part Four from FCFL on www.twitch.tv

5. How do you see VR syncing with the Fan Controlled Football League?

Watch Future of Sports – Part Five from FCFL on www.twitch.tv

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