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Coach-On-Coach Shade

Posted on July 19, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

We’re used to seeing trash talk happen between athletes – but coaches? Not so much. That’s probably why we were so excited to see Michigan’s Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh, take a jab at former Ohio State coach, Urban Meyer. When The Athletic asked Harbaugh about Meyer’s decision to leave the Buckeyes, he had this to say: “Urban Meyer has had a winning record, really phenomenal record everywhere he’s been. Also, controversy follows everywhere he’s been.” Well okay then. Granted, Meyer has had some issues with players in the past, whereas Harbaugh hasn’t really had anything severe pop up in his past. We think For the Win! said it best with “Harbaugh, meanwhile, never has a stain on his perfectly-pressed khakis, let alone his reputation.” After Harbaugh’s critical comments made the rounds yesterday, we were quick to ask the fans if they would prefer to have controversy follow them everywhere like Meyer, or if they’d like to be doomed to a lifetime in khakis like Harbaugh.

We’ve talked about trash talk in the past, but never between coaches. While athletes are quick to throw shade at one another on social media and in pre-game interviews, how would the fans feel about coaches getting in the mix? We think they could get behind a pre-game conference where the Offensive and Defensive Coordinators of each match talk trash face-to-face. Something along the lines of a pre-match weigh-in in boxing, only it’s a bunch of coaches (hopefully not in khakis), throwing their best verbal jabs at one another. We think this is the kind of content fans could get behind!

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