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Training For A Future In Video Games

Posted on July 8, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Well, that’s one way to kick off #NationalVideoGameDay! The Boston Globe reported that Jordan Herzog is trading in his high school classes for more time to play Fortnite, with support of his father. For months now, he’s been spending 8-14 hours a day in front of his computer to complete online lessons and train to “become one of the best competitive video game players in the world.” This training doesn’t come cheap, either. His father, Dave Herzog, has spent over $30,000 on gaming equipment and suspended family vacations to support Jordan’s dream.

Esports have been on the rise – we’re even seeing “eSports Camps” offered at local community colleges in addition to the usual outdoor sports and sciences. In an interview with Forbes, top streamer Ninja confirmed that he makes over $500k per month doing what he does – and that’s just on Twitch. We’re curious as to whether or not the fans would support their kids as they follow their dreams – inclusive of becoming the greatest [insert game name here] player of all time. If your kid shows that he has what it takes to become the best football player of all time, chances are you’re going to support them, so why would it be any different for eSports? We think that while some fans are hesitant to devote as many resources as Dave did for Jordan, we do think they would – especially when they look at the future earning potential.

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