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When the Time is Right for Contract History

By Cole Hammes

News has been flying around the NFL about a contract extension for the great Odell Beckham Jr. Many sources are saying he could be the highest paid receiver and some say the Giants are looking for a little less. Point is, the Giants are looking to keep their fan favorite hanging around and they’re willing to pay close to top dollar for him.

Odell couldn’t be happier for his future as NFL insider Herbie Teope released that “Beckham’s agent, Zeke Sandhu, and the Giants over the past several days were engaged in ‘good-faith negotiations’ on a deal that would make Beckham the highest-paid wide receiver in the league”. The Giants are looking to run a solid offense for the next years with new RB Saquon Barkley. However, with an aging Manning and one of the worst defenses in the league, how can we be sure they’ll have the money in the coming years to upgrade? According to ESPN, the Giants want to hold back a little more dough and value him “below WR Sammy Watkins, who has an average annual value of $16 million in his current deal”. Whatever extension goes down, its going to make Odell Beckham Jr. one of the highest paid receivers, but is the time right?

The Giants executives know what they’re doing, but this could potentially be something to take a step back from. They need to think about what this man can really do for this team in the long run, especially playing with this kind of money and his history of injuries.

Of course with the fans in charge here at FCFL we ask this question, should the Giants make history with the largest contract for a wide receiver even after an injury-riddled season?

We think fans would be willing to sign Odell to the biggest contract for a wide receiver in the NFL. In the years Odell has been in New York, he’s become attached to that organization and the fans are going to miss him if he leaves. Not to forget, the fans realize with Saquon Barkley and Odell, they could have one of the most powerful offenses in the NFL for the future. An extreme double threat would be hard to stop and hard to come by. Not to mention with Eli Manning’s contract expiring in two years, the Giants will have plenty of money to upgrade again at quarterback and continue improving their defense. The fans know that by then, Barkley should be developed enough to make the run they need to win with Odell.

If you were part of that Giants’ front office, what would you do?

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