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Don’t Call It A Comeback

With Week One of the 2018 NFL season behind us, we take a look at some of the biggest comeback moments we saw from the Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans, and Green Bay Packers.

The Cleveland Browns have free beer on the line for their local fans, so the pressure was already on them before the team even took the field. Once the game got started, Ben Roethlisberger threw three picks, two of them to the Browns first round pick, CB Denzel Ward. Things were looking up for the team, especially with Josh Gordon coming through to tie the game with two minutes left, until Tyrod Taylor threw a pick and the game went into overtime. One of course was not enough, and the game entered a second overtime, with the Browns missing their chance at the end to win. While the team didn’t win, they finally ended their losing streak.

Could you imagine what it would be like to face off against Tom Brady, a top contender for GOAT status? While we can only speculate, we imagine this could have been part of the reason Deshaun Watson fumbled on his first play back from his ACL tear. Luckily for the Houston Texans, Tom Brady threw a pick to Tyrann Mathieu later in the game. While it was a disappointing game for Watson, the rest of his team was able to keep the game close, even leaving them with a chance to tie it up in the last minute with a Hail Mary. The New England Patriots came out on top, but the highlight here was Watson being able to brush himself off and get back in the game, giving hope to Houston fans for the rest of the season.

Oh, Aaron Rodgers. For Green Bay Packers fans everywhere, the world felt as if it had stopped when Rodgers left the field in the first half with a knee injury. They had already faced enough of last season with a backup QB, and weren’t prepared to do it again. After a scoreless first half, Rodgers reemerged from the locker room more determined than ever to get the game back on track. Racking up 24 points in the last half, Rodgers helped lead his team to victory against one of their biggest rivals, the Chicago Bears, and left with a promise that he would be back next week to take on the Minnesota Vikings.

We wonder how the fans would react if they were on the field, or calling the shots, in these situations. Would they let the pressure rattle them? Would they play it safe and sit out the rest of the game? We think the answer for both of these situations is a resounding no. If the fans were up against Big Ben or Tom Brady after having a terrible record or an embarrassing first fumble, we think they would use that pressure to fuel them – to make them fight harder. If they were injured and knew they could get back in the game to secure the first win of the season or sit out, they would go in. Our fans have proven themselves to not be afraid of a little risk. And with big risks, comes big rewards.

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