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Bud Light: Beer of the Underdog

By Annalece Montgomery

Bud Light is making headlines once more by throwing their support to the underdog. It was announced this morning that Anheuser-Busch, who’s Bud Light brand is the official beer of the NFL, will be placing eight-foot “Victory” fridges filled with Bud Light bottles in Cleveland-area bars. The fridges are rigged with WiFi-enabled locks, keeping the contents off limits until the moment Cleveland fans have been waiting for since Week 16 of the 2016 season: a Browns victory.

The moment the Cleveland Browns get their first win of the season, fridges will be unlocked and the fans will be able to enjoy the beer free of charge – and who knows, maybe the soundtrack of a choir singing will be incorporated as well. But pessimistic Browns fans don’t need to worry, according to Bud Light’s VP of Marketing, Andy Goeler, the beer will be changed out every month as necessary in order to make sure the fans receive fresh product.

It’s an interesting collaboration, since most teams wouldn’t focus on the first win, but the Browns are all in on this promotion. “While some may characterize it as celebrating one victory, we view this as an opportunity to thank Browns fans for their unwavering support while also looking forward to our goal of rewarding Cleveland with a consistently winning football team,” said Dave Jenkins, the Browns Chief Operating Officer.

As fans are the decision-makers in the FCFL, we wonder which they would be more excited for: that first taste of victory – whether it’s the first fan-called touchdown or first win – or the inevitable glory (and share of the prize pool!) that comes with winning the first Fan Controlled Football League Championship.

Because this league is by the fans, for the fans, we think they will be more focused on the first taste. Truly, there is nothing like the rush you’ll get from making the play call for the first touchdown, executed to perfection by the team YOU drafted, wearing the uniforms YOU selected. Sure, for those that reach that point earlier in the season than others, we imagine their focuses would then shift to the long-term goal of bringing home the championship. At the end of the day, you need to cross off that first win before calling yourself a winner, let alone a champion.

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